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Written By

© Phyllis Perkins Kempker


Magical moon in the sky

Up so high even birds dare to fly

You give me hope…you give me strength

You give me visions of what’s to be

Magical moon…your stars adorn

Bittersweet memories of forlorn

Glittery magic that dance in my eyes

Sweeps me away as I forget long lost goodbyes

Magical moon many mysteries you keep

Locked up safely…all tidy and neat

Maybe one day you’ll share with me

All that’s magical in my heart…true and sweet

Magical moon you whisper to me

Love stories and of make believe

Fairytales and white knights tell a tale

Of what’s in my heart so fragile and frail

Magical moon when I die

As I take my angel wings and fly up high

You’ll whisk me off to a better place

As you forever shine your magic upon my face

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